rebuildit is a specialised consulting business serving the manufacturing and construction industries.

rebuildit was founded in 2007. We principally work in the Australian construction and manufacturing industries and focus on productivity and sustainability.

Our purpose is to use commercial methods to find solutions to environmental and social problems. We do this by offering research and services to review an enterprise as a whole from inception, practice and consequence. We look for ways to reduce waste and raise productivity across energy, material and human resources.

Our goal is to support a circular economy business approach and look beyond single projects or activities in isolation and to consider consequence throughout the life of products and services.

We believe strongly in a circular economy through product stewardship and shared value.

What we do

rebuildit is a specialised consulting business serving the manufacturing and construction industries.

We are a small group of professionals who specialise in sustainable business solutions, resource efficiency and collaborations.

Resources are energy, raw materials and human effort. We are focused on productivity and sustainability because raising productivity, doing more with less, creates sustainable businesses and reduces impact by lowering waste.

We draw on the latest research; training and skills to collaborate on a project specific basis. This brings specific skills to deliver cost effective solutions to your business.

Every product, service and business is unique however some common questions and answers may help;

What is your industry best practice and where does your business fit?
Research to find your competition, market and opportunities for efficiencies.
Are you delivering what your customer needs?
Identifying your ‘value proposition’ and what makes your product or service different.
Do you know your value stream and what is waste?
Review of resources and system waste from material source through to after sales service.
What does your facility cost per square meter?
Examine the building size, location and layout of plant and equipment for safety and efficiency.

How we do it

First we will find out what your goals are, and then map out a path to meet them. We can draw up plans and then provide regular mentoring to help you stay on track.

We offer decades of combined experience, implementing efficiencies with a focus on construction and smaller manufactures. We offer a customized and cost effective way to raise productivity.

We collaborate with individuals and businesses with a vision, commitment and originality to find solutions that allows them to deliver sustainable, competitive industry.

Through conventional and innovative methods we will examine the situations that do not meet your objectives and find better ways to achieve your goals. If you are unsure of your goals we can help define them and get on the path to meet them.

Remember, “if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it”

  • Define your vision to clarify your objectives, barriers and aspirations
  • Review your strategy from which to establish a baseline to measure improvements. Start with an audit of energy, effort and material to identify cost benefits of proposed changes and a review of operations. What are the quick wins and the things that don’t matter?
  • Plan the business growth of your product, competition and markets. Your processes, costs, and opportunities both internal and external
  • Business Mentoring is available once the results of the above services start to show. It is important to regularly reviewing operations for best practice but also to ensure your business continually improves and stays ahead of the competition

Your business benefits by;

  • A site visit will find quick wins, ideas and small steps to get started making a difference
  • The strategic review starts with an activity audit, potential benefits of proposed changes, and a review of your operations to save resources and raise productivity
  • A development plan looks at where your business sits in the market, your competition and new markets available. We look at production processes, costs, environmental considerations, networking, training and funding opportunities in your industry
  • Business mentoring, KPI management, quarterly and annual reporting is available on an ongoing basis as the results of our work start to show. Continual review of operations is essential for best practice and in order to stay ahead of your competition
  • There are a number of business grants and funding available to help you reach potential

Some tools we use;

rebuildit has a background in Construction, Manufacturing, waste management and Lean productivity, which means we bring these skills to your business. Our associates have experience in diversity, sustainability and social enterprise, clean energy and data systems. If we identify issues that we need more help with, we can discuss bringing in specialists however today we have succeeded in meeting most opportunities.

  • Value stream mapping
  • Building and plant layout audit
  • A 5s workshop to address safety concerns and efficiency
  • Waste and resource review, recycling and alternate materiel use
  • Defects and work in progress using Lean tools
  • Staff engagement workshop
  • Competitive analysis
  • Definition of value proposition
  • Social media marketing opportunities

Case studies

We recently completed an energy review for a sheet metal business in Clayton, East of Melbourne. There were opportunities to change from Electricity to Gas for a number of processes but the immediate wins were with motion sensors and minor building modifications, staff behavior and plant layout created some measurable efficiencies with minimal cost outlay.
The Managing Director. Colin; “We contacted rebuildit for an energy audit which we completed, but found quickly there were better returns by changing the way we had or folders and guillotines set up. The material flows now and manual handling is easier. We did a big cleanup and made the place safer. The staff are happy and I am saving money”
A building industry recycler engaged rebuildit to do a process review. After examining internally we then researched the industry, the competition and stakeholders. It was found they had a competitive advantage through data collection and management. They now lead the industry and are working on developing a nation wide service while recognized as delivering best practice and responsible service.
Managing Director. Andrew; “We engaged rebuildit to undertake a process review, research the market and identify best practice benchmarks for our business as well as developing risk analysis and business continuity plans. They used networks in the sustainable and business communities to ensure we were fully informed of current market trends and to ensure we remained up to date with industry best practice. They helped turn a loss maker into a profitable new service.”
A precious metal processing and manufacturing business in Melbourne engaged us to look for efficiencies. There was no clear scope other than to look for savings. The waste stream was being contaminated so downgrade prices were received for most of the recycled material. We put measures in place monitoring weights of raw material, finished product and waste. This highlighted loss and under value.
Owner and Manager; “We had rebuildit come in and look over the operation. We have a simple set-up and thought we knew it well but also felt we could be more profitable. Our plant layout and energy consumption were clear but labor and material costs were high. As it turned out we were losing money on waste material. By sorting the offcuts and managing scrap we raised about 12%. There were a number of efficiencies we made and some future improvements to work on.”

Start the journey by giving us a call. Even over the phone there may be ways to start your next stage of growth!

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